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        Lieutenant Kizhe

  • Loosley based on a novella by Yuri Tynianov, with Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kizhe Suite as background music. A non-existant lieutenant is created by a bureaucratic error, while a real lieutenant is "killed" in the same way. (Winner in the Theatre BC Canadian National Playwriting Competition, 1993.)
  • Germany Calling!
  • Based on the life and trial of William Joyce, who fled Britain before World War II and brodcast proaganda from Germany. (Finalist in the Treatre BC Canadian National Playwriting Competition, 2002.)
  • Tangle of the Isles
  • A businessman goes back to his house in the Hebrides but discovers that it is being run as a charity by a group of lay sisters.
  • A Professor of Theology
  • An unorthodox professor of theology picks up Linda, a woman whose husband is a confidence trickster. This creates problems with Linda's mother and the comic head of the Divinity School.
  • Really, Judith
  • A theatre company is performing the story of Judith, the Israelite woman who uses her beauty to kill the invading Babylonian general, Holofernes. The actors, however, turn out to be reincarnations of the ancient characters.
  • The Loss of My Good Name
  • Based on the biography of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, the play supposes that he was the writer of plays and poems attributed to Shakespeare.

For a video and film project on the life of de Vere, see:

ONE ACT (conceived as companion pieces that may be played by the same six actors, and performed together in one evening, with the title Improbable Celebrations: Published in 2017 by Create Space.)

  • George's Funeral 
  • Everything goes wrong at a funeral, including the appearance of the corpse's ghost. (Winner in the 1995 Ottawa Little Theatre Canadian One-Act Playwriting Competition.)
  • Jennifer's Wedding
  • A companion piece to George's Funeral and Nora's Anniversary. Everything goes wrong at a wedding rehearsal with the result that two different couples (one of the same sex) are eventually married.
  • Nora's Anniversary
  • A companion piece to George's Funeral. Nora and Laurence are about to go to an anniversary party with their son, his partner, and Laurence's former secretary, when Nora's previous husband, Alan, believed dead, turns up. After the party Alan finally leaves with Nora, who, Isben-like, slams the door on her former life.